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Neem products
(Neem oil, Azadirachtin -1%, 1.5% and 3% , Neem cake powder)

1. Neem oil (Cold Pressed)

We crushes higher quality Neem seed kernels to extract Neem oil using proprietary Cold pressing process without heating or using any chemicals or petrochemicals to retain all the well balanced nutrients in the oil, some of which otherwise be destroyed.

Uses in crop protection
 •  Non-Toxic, Bio-degradable and Eco-friendly.
 •  Insect Repellent.
 •  Stop sucking and eating of leaves by insects.
 •  Reduces the laying and hatching off eggs by insects.
 •  Compatible and harmless compared to chemicals pesticides.

The Economical & ideal dosage would be one litre per acre

Normally Packed in 200 litre HDPE / MS barrels can be packed in any required pack size on request.

2. Azadirachtin 1 % E C, 1.5% EC and 3%

Azadirachtin 1%,1.5% and 3%, is a high concentrated neem based Biopesticide with an Azadirachtin content of 10000 ppm. it is very effective in eliminating the pest menace in the field of agriculture and will replace widely used chemical pesticides.

Mode of Action
 •  Disturbing or inhibiting the development of the eggs, larvae, or pupae.
 •  Blocking the molting of larvae or nymphs.
 •  Disturbing mating and sexual communication.
 •  Repelling larvae and adults.
 •  Deterring females from laying eggs.
 •  Sterilizing adults
 •  Deterring feeding

Method of Application
Dilute the required quantity in water and spray on crops. Being highly compatible can be sprayed in combination with other organic or chemical pesticides.

3. Neem cake

Neem Cake is organic manure by product of Neem seed oil production. The physical appearance of the Neem Cake will be as flakes or powder. It is compatible with most of fertilizers.

spread in soil 50 – 80 gms per square meter is suggested.

25 Kg / 50 Kgs HDPE Bags with lamination.

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