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Micro Care (Micronutrient mixer)

Micronutrients are essential components in many plant metabolic systems such as photosynthesis, cell wall formation, translocation and enzyme synthesis to name just a few. The distribution of micronutrients in soil is not uniform because of world wide variation in soil properties, which result in either deficiency or toxicity of micronutrients in soil. A lack of any one or more of the micronutrients or secondary nutrients may result in poor plant growth, vigour, and failure of the fruit bunch formation.

Micro Care is balanced micronutrients mixer, such as Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Calcium, Boron, and Molybdenum.

Magnesium: Constituent of chlorophyll, aids phosphate uptake, activates several enzymes, aids plant respiration, active in photosynthesis and carrier for phosphate and starches.

Zinc: Activates enzyme responsible for growth hormone production, enhances chlorophyll production, enhances respiration and transforms carbohydrates.

Boron: Essential in cell wall formation, essential for translocation of sugars and starches, regulates starch production and aids in terminal bud formation.

Manganese: Regulates supply of growth hormones, acts a s a catalyst, activates enzymes, aids in photosynthesis and aids in reparation.

Iron: Essential for respiration and aids in chlorophyll synthesis.

Molybdenum: Enzyme catalyst for reducing nitrates to ammonia and converts inorganic P to organic form.

Copper: Aids in chlorophyll synthesis, acts as a catalyst, activates enzyme, aids in photosynthesis and aids in respiration.

Calcium: Essential for cell wall formation, essential for translocation of sugars, stimulates root and leaf formation, and neutralizes organic acids.

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